Verb SaaS Education Platform

  • ClientVerb, Inc.
  • IndustryEducation, Social Good
  • ServicesUX Strategy, Prototyping

Users were not completing tasks, classes, or expected task flow within the application although they gave positive NPS feedback about the overall idea of the app.

Finding the cause

We conducted unstructured user interviews within the target audience to guide the   creation of a semi-structured interview. From those interviews we found that our users couldn’t follow multiple task flows due to a confusing UI. Additional user testing conducted by an agency confirmed pain points and helped us to see where the flows were breaking down.

Pain points

The UI was just the surface of larger underlying pain points. Users were unable to complete courses because the app was unable to complete group activities. There was no way to get to their learning partner’s messages while inside the course and no connection between messaging and the application. This produced more confusion as to how to participate and many abandoned their courses. There was also confusion on how to complete a course section and what to do after that step.


After some design thinking activity sessions, the team unanimously agreed that we should prioritize the user experience from course entry to completion; working in tandem with development to ensure the pieces were properly functioning. New task flows were created to show greater detail within the user journey.


Armed with a new user flow, I set out to create a more intuitive experience that would enhance the overall course across multiple device types. As like any education application, there were many variables which made screen real estate a premium. The experience presented brought together the courses, application messaging and provided clear indicators to help guide people to their next activity. A walk-through was added to help new and existing users navigate the platform. Controls were neatly tucked away — left and right panels for desktop, left slide out panel for mobile–allowing the course content to be the main focus.