Secure Start

From big stage to small screen.
Transforming content across platforms.
  • Client
  • IBM Security
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  • Technology, Cybersecurity
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  • User Experience, Design, Project Management
  • Art Director
  • Chris Olson
  • About Project
  • The Secure Start project is a portable continuation of the Disruption Dome experience created for IBM's Think 2018. The experience included the stories of six professionals dealing cyber security issues. There were alternate endings to each story depicting how IBM products could help turn around each circumstance.
    This project is a great example of how marketers can take pieces of content and expand their usage across multiple media channels. Working as the design lead on this project was a wonderful experience. Aside from the technical and design aspects of the project, I was able to learn a lot about agile project management and how to lead an agile team.
  • Project Brief
  • Security wanted to create a responsive web experience based on the event experience of the Disruption Dome that was intertwined with the structure of their existing blog site. They requested that the video content be the star of the show. Our strategist requested a more modern layout than the site was sporting at the time — something with movement that really spoke to the event experience as much as possible. We also needed to orchestrate asset creation and delivery between internal and external teams.
  • UX Strategy & Design
  • The site was originally envisioned as a microsite; however, it needed to be connected to an already existing site and intertwined with its structure. To make this happen, we created a new wordpress taxonomy template and single post (AMP friendly) templates to accommodate the new feel. This enabled the articles to show on a general site search and also show up in other areas around the site, such as the homepage.

    We wanted users to be completely immersed in the experience, but not trapped. Links back to the site’s real homepage were placed in the new menu navigation and also at the end of each article.

    We chose to list the content twice on this landing page. Once in a top carousel and then again to create the illusion of people. This also helped create the illusion of more content and value. Different illustrations differentiated the sections — objects at the top and people at the bottom.

    Single post pages featured video at the top and text beneath to emphasis our video content. An additional share section was added to the template to encourage sharing even if users did not read the copy.

    The design pulled through the feel and style of the in-person experience. When the person walked into the Disruption Dome, above them was a moving particle galaxy that connected to the panels around them. This was brought into the web experience through the use of jquery particle animations. We maximized IBM Security's branding and elements to create a unique experience that fit cohesively into their marketing portfolio.

    The content was also stretched across social media outlets using modified videos, animations and static tiles. Working with external agencies as part of this effort, we ensured brand adherence and consistency by holding regular design check points.
  • Team Work
  • We were fortunate to be able to work with great external agencies to pull together web and social optimized assets. As a result, we were able to focus our efforts, stick to our project schedule and hit the delivery date. Daily internal project standups and weekly external calls with the agencies were key here.
You brought to life the vision for this user experience in a such a creative way. You set the standard for design!
Stephanie Stack - Digital Strategist