J + J Flooring Responsive Website

The Project

J+J needed a fully responsive site that better served their core audiences. The company was looking to merge their corporate site with their two separate brand sites and industry blog to create one whole customer experience.

Pain points
  • Website was not responsive or optimized for mobile.
  • The client had multiple websites that worked independently and used different technology.
  • The client was focused on creating new content, but not maintaining the sites themselves.
  • Found that having multiple different sites made their products appear to be competitors of themselves.
  • Could only provide a limited preview of flooring for customers.

We created a responsive site that unified the company with its brands and blog. By taking a modular approach with WordPress, we created a solution that was easier for our client’s internal team to maintain and expand. The e-commerce portion of these sites were also merged into one platform to create a seamless user experience for their customers and sales associates.

This solution also included adding functionality that encouraged users to create dynamic 3D renderings right on the product page — a carpet tile visualizer.

The unique product page design is supported by a new content organization strategy. Gone were the days of customers digging around the site for information. It is now presented up-front where they expected to find it.