Cohen's Brand Marketing Collection

  • ClientCohen's Fashion Optical
  • IndustryRetail, Marketing
  • ServicesVisual Design, Branding Strategy
  • PlatformsMarcom Central & EMMA Marketing

Cohen’s was concerned because their branding was being diluted by rogue marketing efforts of their franchisees. They wanted a one-stop-shop where franchisees could get any material they could possibly need at any time. They also wanted to ensure quality by limiting printing of materials to specified vendors.


Creating a comprehensive, customizable asset collection that reinforced the Cohen’s brand. We needed to keep the visual content fresh and lively without becoming redundant. We also needed to learn, in-depth, the platforms that were being designed for to learn their limitations.


We attended platform training to learn the in’s and outs of Marcom Central and Emma Email Marketing — including admin training and code-based aspects.

From there an elaborate system of over 100 customizable templates were designed to produce 3,000+ individual pieces. Additional template groups for product collections and holiday themes were also created. To make this system more manageable, we created interchangeable content blocks for future use by any designer working on requests for this project.

A carefully chosen and edited library of images was also provided and pre-sized to fit within each template. Each image was tagged to certain assets to ensure that the image fit the style of the asset so each piece would look its best. It also provided an opportunity for franchisees to choose the imagery they preferred.